In the wake of Undertale ruining the idea of using levels to express age, I've opted to switch over to TMs from the Pokemon franchise instead. (Well, my 'sona did start out as a fake Eeveelution...)

Only 365 more days until I learn Sludge Bomb!

For now, though? Sleep. X_x
Aereon Xaq

85, 141, 97

My doc suggested I bring my blood sugar screenings down from 2/week to 1/week since I apparently had it so well under control.

These are my readings from 2 weeks ago, last week, and 20 minutes ago.

The reason for the sudden 60-point spike? Being on full-time at work had the unintended consequence of having no time to cook meals at home and instead having to eat more at work...which meant hitting the vending machines twice as much as usual.

The moment I got that 141 reading, I had an epiphany I was kicking myself for not having before: make a sandwich, slice it in half (added bonus: I now have a use for my Ulu!), and take it to work each day.

The fact that 1 week of doing this undid 78% of the damage done, and got me back to normal glucose levels, is good, but at the same time, this is a stark reminder for me that just because I have my glucose levels under control does NOT mean my diabetes is gone. I stop working to control it, it's gonna come right back to bite me in the ass.

...I wonder how long it'll be before I have to re-learn this. Well, we'll see.
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Rocky Mountain Fur Con summation.

Getting to hang out with kjorteo and davidn again was easily the highlight of the trip. Nothing compares to getting to see dear friends again. That said, the con itself was an absolute blast, even if I spent the first day somewhat zombified due to taking the red-eye to get there and the last day feeling like crap because I had to with most vacations I take, the day leading up to travel is always the worst part for me.

I think my favorite part of the convention, however, was getting to take part in a voice acting panel hosted by Carrizo, owner of the Furrywood website. I got to voice characters for two scenes, one alongside David! The raw audio for both scenes is on the site as well as over on my Tumblr account. We also took part in the karaoke event later that night. I sang Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train" (I was a bit apprehensive about doing so at first due to how high of a bar some of the other performers had set that night, but then the guys right before me buried the damn thing by intentionally butchering some song just to have fun...thanks, guys! :D), while David "sang" the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine." I use quote marks because he was in full rabbit fursuit, where his "voice" is a slide whistle app on his smart phone. Yes, he digitally slide-whistled the whole song. It was hilarious and I am desperately hoping somebody recorded it, because I was too busy laughing to think to go for my phone. (After telling my mom about that, she apparently told dad, who has since been in a state of mental blue-screen. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!)

(Side note: Earlier today, I decided to do some tinkering in Audacity and spiffy up the VA scene David and I did a little bit. I'm rather happy with how it turned out so far. (UPDATE: Now in Youtube form for those who want to avoid Tumblr!) Sharing this with a few of you was, honestly, the main reason I made this post.)

Still, the whole experience was just phenomenal. The whole time I was there, it just felt... well, I think Teo summed it up perfectly before I left: it felt like I was home. Can't believe it took me over a decade after being introduced to the fandom for the first time to realize that, but that's what the fandom has become to me.

Looking forward to going home again someday soon. :]
Aereon Xaq

And the results are in!

I got the results from my lab work back on the 4th today. Glucose was back to where it should be, like I knew, but the big concern was how I'd been doing on cholesterol, particularly my triglycerides.

Collapse )

So yeah, good news all around, basically.
Aereon Xaq

Time to go see the results of my efforts.

Glucose reading this morning, after spending the past 10+ hours fasting, was 96. I was hoping to have it below 110 on there today so that I get accurate results from the VA when I go to get a baseline reading from them...I think it's safe to say I've met that goal. :]

...Shoot, I was supposed to get going about 10 minutes ago. D:
Aereon Xaq


My initial goal upon learning I had excessively high blood sugar was to get it down to 250 by the end of this month, and 125 by year's end.

I hit the 125 goal earlier this week, and so adjusted my end-of-year goal to get it down another 20 points to 105.

The title of this post is what my reading was this morning...It's too early to declare victory, but if I can keep it down here at least another week, until my lab at the VA next Friday, that'll be proof to me that I've got it under control.

Hopefully my triglyceride levels have nosedived along with the glucose levels...I don't expect THAT to be in the healthy range (going from nearly 2000 to 150 in a month seems unrealistic), but if I've gotten it down to less than 1000 I'll consider that good progress...less than 500 I'll be quite happy.

In the meantime, simple curiosity may finally be adding some veggies to my diet, get more dietary fiber in my system to help flush other stuff out of it...I find myself wanting to try out bell peppers (now that I know they aren't spicy) and some grilled zucchini, since the latter looks just like grilled chicken.

Then again, considering my primary issue with veggies has always been texture (particularly the soft, soggy stuff like canned spinach...blick), I figure that if it's sliced thin enough, seasoned ever so slightly, and slapped on the grill for a few minutes, I might be able to get myself to eat any kind of veggie...but let's take this one step at a time.